yuri danbooru edits.


On Her Birthday Eight Years Ago – Shimofuri Kaeru: Mediafire DL
Mole Manga – Boss: Mediafire DL
Mio’s Birthday Present – Fukutarou: Mediafire DL
Valentine’s Day Manga [YuiAzusa] – Hamioura: Mediafire DL
A Standard of Graduation Ceremonies – Shimofuri Kaeru: Mediafire DL
Choco Please – Shin Yandamushi: Mediafire DL
The Ritsu Ritsu Ritsu Ritsu Ritsu x Mio Book – Fukutarou: Mediafire DL
The Mio Mio Mio Mio Mio x Ritsu Book – Fukutarou: Mediafire DL

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Scanty & Kneesocks Comic – Yumiya: Mediafire DL

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Leave It to You – Vivit Gray: Mediafire DL
We Returned Alive 2 – Birman H: Mediafire DL
And That’s the Dream Seen in That Split Second – Hana Azuki: Mediafire DL
Saya-Kyou – zwolf79322: Mediafire DL
Day of Kisses – gumichoco: Mediafire DL
Untitled – Kutsuwada On: Mediafire DL
Mami-san is Alive – Kutsuwada On: Mediafire DL
Maguro Homura (Jumping Giraffe) – Oda Takayuki: Mediafire DL

Strike Witches
Episode 11 Fake Continuation – Kutsuwada On: Mediafire DL
After Episode 6, Eila’s side – Kinniku Tarou: Mediafire DL
Amnesiac Yoshika – Papa: Mediafire DL
Minna-san – Agahari: Mediafire DL
初あね – Agahari: Mediafire DL
Eilanya – Kisetsu: Mediafire DL

Wake Up, Oneechan! – sdmaiden: Mediafire DL
Keine-Mokou Cellphone Comic – Vivit Gray: Mediafire DL
Keine-sensei Sleepy at 9pm, Again – Vivit Gray: Mediafire DL
It’s Among Girls So It’s Okay – Vivit Gray: Mediafire DL
Ni-yan – Kokotetse: Mediafire DL
Vampire’s Midnight – Jude: Mediafire DL
Keine, Sleepy at 9pm – Vivit Gray: Mediafire DL
Mokou Visits Kaguya – Chahashiraozen: Mediafire DL


6 responses to “Downloads

  1. Red April 24, 2013 at 10:13 pm

    Your blog is so awesome ♥.

    Especially Touhou DJ ♥.

    I’ve found some short Touhou DJ on pixiv, I wonder if you wouldn’t mind traslating it ^^. Thank you :-). Have a good day~ (YukaRei ♥)

  2. OrangePekoe April 25, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    The Mole Manga DL link does not work. Any chance of a re-upload? Many thanks, either way!

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