yuri danbooru edits.

The Ritsu Ritsu Ritsu Ritsu Ritsu x Mio book – Fukutarou


8 pages

Mediafire DL

my specialty is disappearing– i’m so sorry ;;

Keine, Sleepy at 9pm – Vivit Gray

0111 pages

Mediafire DL

Day of Kisses – gumichoco

018 pages.

Mediafire DL


i just saw this on dynasty when i clicked that upload request thing:

“lazyedits (permission needed)”

umm… permission granted???


possibly. just possibly.


Saya-Kyou – zwolf79322

5 pages.

Mediafire DL

Kyouko and Sayaka sittin’ in a tree…

I love Kyouko…

The text bubbles were really hard to work with on the omurice one…

Homu Homu~

I haven’t done much lately. I’ve been playing Pokemon and that VN with Reo and Mai…