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Maguro Homura (Jumping Giraffe) – Oda Takayuki


55 pages

Mediafire DL

Day of Kisses – gumichoco

018 pages.

Mediafire DL


Saya-Kyou – zwolf79322

5 pages.

Mediafire DL

Kyouko and Sayaka sittin’ in a tree…

I love Kyouko…

The text bubbles were really hard to work with on the omurice one…

Only Two

Puella, Precure, and K-ON!

And That’s the Dream Seen in That Split Second – Hana Azuki

12 pages.

Mediafire DL

We Returned Alive 2 – Birman H

9 pages

Mediafire DL

And there’s this person called Psylarduck. He/she does, I think, the same thing I do. Check him/her out if you’d like: