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Mokou Visits Kaguya – Chahashiraozen

0043 pages

Mediafire DL


possibly. just possibly.

Vampire’s Midnight – Jude

8 pages.

Mediafire DL

Has some footsy action. Just warnin’.

Night Sparrow Love – Mitsumoto: Part 1 (01-09)

The pictures do go in order so… read them in order.

This comic still has another 40 or so pages, and is still ongoing. I will put up a download for it when I finish all the pages that are currently out. For now, I will just post the ones I’ve finished up.

And I’ll make a category for this until it’s finished.

To read it before I finish typesetting it all, go here.

Sans nom


Cute, cute

It’s Among Girls So It’s Okay – Vivit Gray

12 pages.

Mediafire DL

Mokou x Keine

Keine-sensei Sleepy at 9pm, Again – Vivit Gray

21 pages.

Mediafire DL