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Happy Birthday, Eila!

Though none of this is really Eila centric…
And I just noticed on the one with Mio’s plentiful nicknames, there is a mistake… Does anyone want me to fix it, or can we just let this slip?


Amnesiac Yoshika – Papa

9 pages.

Mediafire DL

The four 4komas I put up yesterday were part of a series called Amnesiac Yoshika. I didn’t realize that at the time, so here it is.

Strike Witches 4komas

None of it’s really yuri… But, spitting distance, right?

After Episode 6, Eila’s side – Kinniku Tarou

5 pages.

Mediafire DL

Didn’t reconstruct some of the things because it looked too hard to do. I was lazy.
I suck at reconstructing, anyways.

Eila so silly