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Eilanya – Kisetsu


6 pages

Mediafire DL

18+ Okay?

18+ pictures are okay, right? I’m assuming all who visit here are of age, or don’t care that it’s not safe for work.
And to the person who requested that Mystia x Keine comic, I am getting to that. I’m just really lazy right now.

初あね – Agahari

4 pages.

Mediafire DL

I don’t know the English name to this.

Eila’s too cute!

4komas de Strike Witches

Sorry for no yuri deliciousness. Two more of these coming tomorrow, and then I’ll start on some stuff by Vivit Gray (also known as Shinoasa). May take me a while to get those done.

Happy Birthday, Eila!

Though none of this is really Eila centric…
And I just noticed on the one with Mio’s plentiful nicknames, there is a mistake… Does anyone want me to fix it, or can we just let this slip?

Amnesiac Yoshika – Papa

9 pages.

Mediafire DL

The four 4komas I put up yesterday were part of a series called Amnesiac Yoshika. I didn’t realize that at the time, so here it is.

Strike Witches 4komas

None of it’s really yuri… But, spitting distance, right?

After Episode 6, Eila’s side – Kinniku Tarou

5 pages.

Mediafire DL

Didn’t reconstruct some of the things because it looked too hard to do. I was lazy.
I suck at reconstructing, anyways.

Happy Valentines Day ♥